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Alice NEEL


Expériences professionnelles

Conference coordinator mapic markets

REED MIDEM , Boulogne billancourt - Mission d'intérim

De Mars 2019 à Aujourd'hui

- Organisation administrative & logistique des conférences pour les salons MAPIC FOOD, MAPIC Italy et MAPIC Cannes
- Elaboration des thématiques et programmes de conférence, recherche et suivi des intervenants
- Rédaction de contenus et élaboration d’outils promotionnels
- Promotion des programmes de conférences sur différents supports web (blog, sites web)

Animation / promotion / distribution


De Septembre 2016 à Aujourd'hui

To developp my skills in tem of direct communication, I have decided, in parallel of my studies, to work for the famous company “Globe Group”. It is an agency that imagines and implements experiences that turn consumers into shoppers. It means that, thanks to marketing and communication action, they bring consumers closer to brands, by providing them with a unique, memorable experience.

I am today working in the center of Nice, France, for the clients “Stylist” (First free weekly feminine magazine, dedicated to active women). One day per week, I am in charge of the animation of a street corner, in order to provide the best quality service in delivering the magazine to the target.

It is a rich challenge that allows me to develop direct communication skills and get more confidence in front of the customers.

Vice president & community manager


De Août 2016 à Aujourd'hui

As part of my fourth year studies at at Ipag Business School, I have integrated “Global Ipag”, the internatonal student office. Its aim is to integrate the exchange students from Ipag, help them with administration obligation, present the city of Nice and our rich country, in term of culture, geography and way of living.

It was evident for me to manage this organisation : passionated of the cultural differences, of travels and creating bonds with others, I am fully involved in the success of Global Ipag.

This experience brought me new skills very useful in the personal and professional world:

• Management : As fourth year and Vice president of Global Ipag, it is my duty to manage a team of students, assign roles and responsability, define and established a strategy, and finaly plan/organise actions, such as events, for international students.

• Teamwork: Global Ipag had passionate and involved members, looking to give the best of themselves to grow the organization. We truly believed that an oragnisation development, as a business development,is linked to a strong client relationship (our Erasmus students) and client’s satisfaction. By having a straightforward, entrepreneurial and optimistic outlook we try, with my team, to develop and enhance a long-term relationship wih those students.
Moreover, teams members are divided by division. I am in charge, as it was the case for Ipag chef, of the online communication and direct communication.

• Performing Tasks: As community manager and vice president, I had to define clearly each mission. As community manager, it is a real challenge to diffuse the organisation's value, promote event and planned effective commnication strategy.

To conclude, Global Ipag is not only an professional experience, it is also part of my personal development. Everyday, it is a real plaisure to meet people, give them satisfaction through helpful services and create bonds with international students.

Internship in communication and events


De Janvier 2016 à Aujourd'hui

As part of my 3rd year of training at IPAG Business School, I had the opportunity to do an internship in Marketing/Communications, from January 11th to June 17th, 2016, in the company “Militos Consulting S.A.”, a communication and consulting company, working with European Union and the government of Greece.

I would like to thank a IPAG business School and Militos Consulting S.A. for having offered me the opportunity to realise an internship. As well, to all the generous and thoughtful people that I had met during this experience.

These first steps in the world of business have allowed me to understand how I will integrate in my career as "event manager": the human contact, project management, be independent, but also be more creative and ambitious in my proposals for improvement. Moreover, M. Karamanlis, tough me how to correct my mistakes and manage my work.

During my internship at the communication department, I involved in organizing the annual event called "Greek Islands Bridge Festival 2016", an international event of Bridge, recognized worldwide, and secondly, to fulfill various tasks as assistant in some of the European projects of the company.

This experience has taught me the various facets of the consulting in communication, as organising an international event, create contents, contact consumer, realize a marketing analyse. Indeed, I learned that an event manager is a conductor of an orchestra: it is essential to know how to play every instrument. So I was in charge of creating the website’s context, the invitation, and write information concerning the event and realize a follow up.

Finally, it had been an opportunity for me to perceive the organization of a foreign company such as Militos Consulting S.A., and realize the difficulties that a consulting company in Communication/Marketing encounters, such as consumers increasingly demanding, the transition of communications means or remaining competitive with specialized services.

Marketing communication assistant


De Janvier 2015 à Avril 2015

Dans le cadre de ma 2ème année au sein de l'Ipag Business School, j'ai eu l'opportunité d'effectuer un stage dans la compagnie Amundi, Asset Management.

Du 5 janvier au 14 mars 2015, j'ai intégré l'équipe du pôle communication du secteur marketing, j’ai pu évoluer dans le monde de l’épargne entreprise et découvrir un monde qui m’étais m’était encore inconnu.
Durant mon stage de deux mois et demi ma mission principale a été l’élaboration d’un dossier intitulé « L’étude d’opportunités sur notre présence Amundi ESR sur les réseaux sociaux professionnels.».
Il s’agissait de développer un outil de Social Selling afin d’optimiser la diffusion des contenus éditoriaux (vidéos produits, épargne, monétaire, vidéos idées reçues) sur les réseaux sociaux à usage professionnel tels que LinkedIn, Twitter ou encore Viadeo.

Grâce à cette expérience, j'ai pu appliquer les enseignements suivis à l'Ipag BS, évoluer dans un environnement encore inconnu, m'adapter à de nouvelles situations et apprendre à organiser et rédiger de manière professionnel un projet important



De Août 2013 à Aujourd'hui

Etudiante à l'Ipag Business School depuis 2013, je suis actuellement en 3ème année à l'étranger.

Je m’apprête à réaliser un Master 1 sur le campus de Nice "International Management". Cela correspond à des cours 100% donnés en anglais par des professeurs/professionels anglophone et prépare les étudiants à intégrer un Master 2 en double diplômes avec une université anglophone partenaire.

Je me prépare à réaliser le double diplôme "Event and tourism" en partenariat avec l'université de Napier, à Edimbourg, en 2017.


Global Ipag

Vice President & Community Manager

Ipag Chef

Community Manager

Ipag Team


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Nice – Programme Grande École – 2018


Anglais - Courant

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